At Koua we think Tulum is a mayan paradise and stands out from other beautiful beach destinations in Mexico due to the areas local industry’s commitment to eco-tourism and sustainability. This jungle meets Tulum beach destination provides a magical experience which visitors will be welcomed to, not only is development in the area on the rise but businesses have done a remarkable job of transforming their businesses to adapt to the local surrounding so that the jungle hasn’t been damaged to make way for new structures. Tulum is a boho- chic town that has become a luxury travel destination with its world class food and boutique hotels it’s a breath of fresh air away from the mega resort cities. Tulum isn’t far from Chichen Itza, but there are also awesome Mayan ruins right in town, dramatically set against a beautiful beach backdrop.

Where to go?


A cenote, is a natural sinkhole where the ceiling of the cave has collapsed and exposes the groundwater underneath, definitely a natural wonder. Mayans believe they give people a gift: water, a vital element of life, therefore they consider them sacred places. Tulum has the most popular and unique cenotes in Mexico, therefore you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to swim and snorkel in their amazingly beach. At Koua we promise it is a unique and totally worth it experience to visit in Mexico.

Our top 5 cenotes near Tulum.

Cenote Dos Ojos, Gran Cenote, Le Jardín del Eden, Cenote Calavera, Casa Cenote and Suy tun.